My beans are sourced with the help from my award winning roasting partners.

I currently have 4 distinct coffees to offer.

Pier 600, Sandycove 100% Arabica, Fairtrade Blend and Kinsale Coffee Columbian Filter.

All the beans are ethically sourced from all over “The Bean Belt”. This is an area in the middle of the world bounded by the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer.

One of the regions is Aceh in Sumatra. This is the Gran Cru of Indonesian coffees. But even more the farms are spread around the Leuser Ecosystem, one of the most interesting tropical rain forests in the world. This amazingly diverse environment produces nutrition rich soil and natural shade which is important for production of high quality coffee grown organically.



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I currently have 4 distinct coffees to offer.

Pier 600 Wholebean

Sandycove 100% Arabica Wholebean & Ground

Fairtrade Blend Wholebean

Kinsale Coffee Colombian Filter

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What I offer

I provide my customers with an excellent customer service, a knowledge of the growing coffee trends, barista training and equipment back up and service, and above all, a bespoke blend of coffee that will have your existing customers drinking more of and new customers flocking for.
I also provide maintenance and can cater for different events both indoor and outdoor.
So whether if it’s a blend of beans, a 100% Arabica or a Single Origin bean you require please call me and I will call on site to arrange a tasting.
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